SOP for Retail Sector during CMCO

The National Security Council (NSC) of Malaysia recently released an updated set of SOPs for the retail sector during the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) period. The SOPs cover the following sub-sectors:
- Shopping mall, supermarket, departmental store, pharmacy / personal care, boutique / clothing store, convenience store / mini mart
- Laundry (including self-service)
- Clothing and fashion accessories store
- Restaurant
- Furniture, Jewelry, Electric & Electronic, Hardware, Pet Food shops
- Automobile workshops, servicing and replacements
- Optical & Optic Equipment shops
- Petrol Stations
- Other Specialty Retail Stores

The government promotes contactless transaction across the retail sector and encourages electronic payments to be adopted.

For full details, please refer to:

OFFICIAL Malay version here 

UNOFFICIAL English translated version by EUROCHAM Malaysia here


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