2nd Palm Oil Sustainability: EU-Malaysia International Discourse & EU Biomass + Biogas Symposium


Heated debates have surrounded the palm oil sector due to its implications on society, environment and economic growth of developing countries. The European Union wants to collaborate with Malaysia to find ways to ensure palm oil’s sustainability. More than ever before, it is important to guarantee sustainability at every level of the supply chain, for large and small producers. Hence the need for a neutral forum were key palm oil stakeholders can share their perspectives and discuss on best practises, actions and policies to support smallholders in raising their certifications standards.


  • To provide a multi-stakeholder dialogue platform which includes policy makers, government agencies, private sector and local community together to join forces to promote sustainable production and trade of palm oil. The platform creates a long-term space where the stakeholders can align and develop a joint concrete action plan necessary to improve the commodity sector towards a sustainable supply chain of palm oil.
  • To share success stories that have led to better sustainability in the palm oil industry (responsible financing, best industry practices and initiatives by various stakeholders).
  • To discuss complex inter-connected issues, enhance co-ordination and build consensus among experts, NGOs, governments, associations and private sector (in the countries where palm oil is produced and in the markets where it is consumed)

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The Symposium and Business Matching Event is on the potential of Biomass & Biogas utilization and further development opportunities in Malaysia.

Biogas, produced by the fermentation of biomass, is utilised worldwide to supply energy in various ways. Malaysia has a huge potential in the biomass sector from its palm oil industry, as well as its wood industry and from its municipal waste resources. In the palm oil industry alone, a biomass potential of up to 80 million tons a year provides a tremendous opportunity for the production of storable bio-energy in form of pellets & briquettes. The Malaysian Government has also given priority in this area with its “National Biomass Strategy 2020” initiative launched in 2011. With Malaysia’s huge potential in the biomass sector, the German experience can serve as an excellent example and offer smart partnership opportunities.

The EU-Biomass & Biogas Symposium and Business Matching session will assist European SMEs in the field of biomass and biogas technologies in exploring and entering the Malaysian market. European companies will also be given presentation slots at the Symposium. Flights, accommodation and all other travelling expenses will have to be borne by the participating companies’ themselves.

Interested exhibitors are invited to sign up for the Sustainability Conference, present your technology during the EU-Biomass & Biogas Symposium, meet your potential business partners during the B2B Matching session, and network with industry leaders.



• Opportunity for EU-SME’s to do presentations on latest technologies to local company

• Learn new technologies from other industry players

• Promote and create awareness


 • Opportunity to meet potential partners

• Joint venture/Cooperation

• Technology transfer


• Obtain latest information and learn about the challenges from other companies

• Gain long term potential partners, especially for business expansion

• Meet experts face-to-face

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