VIP Luncheon with Deputy Minister Of Health Malaysia

“What 2018 holds for the Malaysian Healthcare Sector”

In this event, we will get to hear the highlights on the need to consider a new business model for the healthcare sector in order to keep up with the demand of the public over time. There is a substantial demand for healthcare services due to ageing population and the double whammy of non-communicable and infectious diseases.

The total healthcare industry spending in Malaysia, which stood at 52 billion at the end of 2017, is expected to reach about 80 billion by 2020, fuelled by increasing demand for healthcare services, and the emergence of new care models beyond traditional hospital settings, according to business consulting firm Frost & Sullivan.

This event will discuss how will the new Government re-examine and re-evaluate the current healthcare delivery system and healthcare status of Malaysians to seek best practices to address the array of issues plaguing the sector.

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