Malaysian Associations Leadership Forum

The future is uncertain – how can association leaders head the change?

The world is changing faster than ever before. Breakthroughs with technology, social methods for interaction and so are members expectations. Transforming associations was made with a vision for the future, and a sustainable plan for ongoing transformation. Significant emphasis was placed on the continual identification of opportunities for participation within the associations and professional development outside of it. Enhancing skill sets, sparking creative and innovative thinking, and inspiring ongoing learning pays big dividends as to members satisfaction, engagement, and delivering value.

Associations seeking to adapt during turbulent times — like now — cannot force change through purely technical approaches such as restructuring and re-engineering. They need a new kind of leadership capability to reframe dilemmas, reinterpret options, and reform operations - and do so continuously. But culture change is not for the faint of heart or the quick-change artist. Serious change demands serious people. Are you up for it?

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