BizTalks #02 - “Navigating a Black Swan – Weathering Through The Mist”

We would like to invite you to join our next BizTalks webinar session scheduled on 14th April 2020, next Tuesday at 11:00 am.

The topic for this BizTalks is “Navigating a Black Swan – Weathering through the mist” with Mr. Edward Lee, Chief Economist, ASEAN and South Asia, from Standard Chartered Singapore as the speaker.

Some of the points that we will be discussing are:

  • Events of past weeks are unprecedented
  • Albeit delayed, the West is experiencing severe consequences of a global pandemic
  • Central banks are on a slashing spree and yields have dropped globally
  • We assess the global macro strategy and zoom in on ASEAN, which has weathered the impact for longer
  • Malaysia economy impact and the stimulus package by the government

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