Bolstering Alliances For a Prosperous EU-Malaysia Partnership
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The team of the EUROCHAM Malaysia as chamber of chambers uniting the voice of EU bilateral chambers of commerce has established a strong working relationship with private and public sector key decision makers here in Malaysia, the ASEAN Region and certainly the EU member countries. The sector knowledge readily available ranges from Aerospace, Automotive and Automation to Healthcare, Chemicals and F&B as well as services such as Finance, Legal and Logistics just to name a few. Our constant engagement with the Malaysian government, EU delegation, corporates and our founding members from the EU bilateral chambers of commerce give us an edge in bringing the best service to you.

Since we collaborate closely as the chamber of chambers with the following bilateral and associate chambers of commerce, we encourage companies from these markets to contact your respective bilateral chamber on their service offering before approaching us:


With our sector knowledge and network, we understand your business needs entering a new market. If you would like to learn more about the Malaysian economy, specific industry sectors or identify business partners and thereby build your advantage, EUROCHAM Malaysia is the right partner for your market research project to join.

Supporting business delegations from Europe exploring the Malaysian market or ASEAN Region and Malaysian delegations visiting Europe has always been an important service of EUROCHAM Malaysia.

We will customise and manage the whole process of the delegation visit for you or together with you, which may include travel, accommodation, meeting and business matching arrangements among others. Our team has the experience and necessary network to make your delegation visit a success. Certainly, we acknowledge that this can be challenging in times of crisis (eg. Covid-19), but we do offer digital solutions to delegation visits and are glad to discuss further with you on how to make this happen.

With a successful trade partnership in place, many companies eventually decide to invest in the target market and we are here to assist you with this often demanding, but very rewarding step. EUROCHAM Malaysia is in the unique position to offer you a number of services to facilitate investment projects, since we understand the process of market expansion evaluation, site-selection and gaining government approvals. Furthermore, we are connected through our valuable bilateral chambers and members to reliable project management companies, architects, construction companies as well as recruiters, law firms and financial service providers. EUROCHAM Malaysia is able to assist you during the whole project-cycle and will be able to identify business partners as soon as your project becomes operational. Let us build business alliances together.

  • Trade Facts
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In 2019, Malaysia’s trade surplus continued to register double-digit growth for the 3rd consecutive years, widening by 11% to RM137.39 billion compared to RM123.78 billion in 2018. This was the largest trade surplus since 2009, representing Malaysia’s achievement of 22 consecutive years of trade surplus....
Malaysia, strategically located in the heart of South East Asia, offers a competitive location for investors intending to set up offshore operations for the manufacture of advanced technological products for regional and international markets...

Why Trade & Invest in Malaysia ?

Unlock your business potential in Malaysia through EUROCHAM Malaysia. We help you to increase business opportunities, reach your local target market, and build the right partnerships in the private and public sector to elevate your business to the next level in ASEAN.

Trade Services

  1. Coordinate and execute market research projects for European and Malaysian companies
  2. Plan, organise and execute trade delegations from Europe to Malaysia and vice versa
  3. Identify, propose and implement trade fairs/exhibition participations
  4. Facilitate business matching

Investment Services

  1. Coordinate and execute market expansion viability studies for European and Malaysian companies
  2. Coordinate site selection support
  3. Facilitate government approvals and communication
  4. Identify local project management support and other suppliers