AdvocacyTalks: Briefing on TalentCorp Group Initiatives

Join us Tuesday, 22 March 2022, at 3 PM (+8 GMT) for our Advocacy Talks briefing with Talent Corporation Malaysia Berhad on the topic of TalentCorp group Initiatives.

This briefing will consist of three (3) aspects of TalentCorp and will be presented by three (3) main representatives. The overview of TalentCorp will be presented by Mr Thomas Mathew, Group Chief Executive Officer, moreover, Mr Nazrul Aziz, Vice President, Graduate, Diaspora and Industry Partnership will be presenting on TalentCorp’s initiatives and to conclude the briefing Ms Sabihah Ahamad, Vice President, Malaysia Expatriate Services Centre (MYXpats) Operations will be sharing on the MYXpats and Resident Pass Talent (RP-T).

Don’t miss out on this informative and engaging briefing! Save your virtual seats today for this informational and engaging webinar session – register in advance here:

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