[MEDIA STATEMENT] Full Lockdown Should Be Considered Carefully, Give Economy Chance to Breathe

Kuala Lumpur, May 19, 2021 – As the country is experiencing another surge in COVID-19 positive cases reported from several states, we at EUROCHAM Malaysia support the Government’s decision to respond to the threat in favour of public health by utilising proven strategies. 


With this in mind, EUROCHAM Malaysia cautions against a restrictive full lockdown for any state or the whole country, as it certainly will hinder Malaysia’s economic recovery and social sustainability and may be partially led by skewed data as well as community spread rather than workplace related infections. 


Businesses are still restructuring and recuperating from the impact of the first lockdown last year, and facing many challenges due to the protracted pandemic including: substantial revenue and financial losses, logistics challenges and supply chain interruptions just to name a few. “Many businesses including the European business community here in Malaysia have abided to the SOPs set by the government as well as adopted stricter measures within to ensure health and safety of employees despite the losses that they have faced.” - Oliver Roche, Chairman of EUROCHAM Malaysia. “In fact”, he also mentioned, “Recent data   by the Crisis Preparedness and Response Centre (CPRC) has found that the numbers reduced from over 200 clusters totaling 28,524 cases within the manufacturing sector in early January to only 31 clusters in May 2021 at 1,598 cases, with a decline of nearly 95%." 


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