KUALA LUMPUR, SEPTEMBER 20, 2021 – EUROCHAM Malaysia is excited to announce the establishment of the Honorary Council of Advisors (HCA) to provide advice, assistance, and support in facilitating EU-Malaysia business and government relations as well as strengthening trade and investment ties.

Among the distinguished founding council members that attended the first-ever Honorary Council of Advisors meeting included His Excellency Mr Michalis Rokas, Ambassador and Head of EU Delegation to Malaysia, Tan Sri Dr Munir Majid, Chairman of CARI ASEAN Research and Advocacy and Chairman of ASEAN-BAC Malaysia, Dr Muhammed Abdul Khalid, Managing Director of DM Analytics Malaysia and Former Economic Adviser to former Prime Minister, Tun Dr Mahathir Muhamad and Mr Adam Yee, President and Chief Executive Officer of Siemens Malaysia.

“As the diplomatic mission of the European Union, the Delegation's task is to promote closer ties with Malaysia by providing an efficient and reliable communication channel between the EU and Malaysian authorities and businesses. EUROCHAM has created an effective and efficient way for the EU Delegation to be part of the council by proving advice, assistance and support in facilitating strong diplomatic and economic EU-Malaysia relations”, said His Excellency Mr Michalis Rokas, Ambassador and Head of EU Delegation to Malaysia.

The Council will serve as a body of industry, government and civil society experts that aims to strengthen business and stakeholder engagement between the EU and Malaysia through the excellent network and platform of EUROCHAM Malaysia. Tan Sri Dr Munir Majid Chairman of CARI ASEAN Research and Advocacy, and Chairman of ASEAN-BAC Malaysia said “Malaysia remains an attractive destination for foreign direct investment despite the many challenges that the country currently faces. Malaysia needs to push for progress in attracting foreign direct investment (FDI), particularly investors from the European Union (EU) which makes this council a great platform to expedite continuous engagement and dialogues with the proper channels to support the mission and vision of EUROCHAM Malaysia.”

As mentioned by Dr Muhammed Abdul Khalid, Managing Director of DM Analytics Malaysia and Former Economic Adviser to former Prime Minister, Tun Dr Mahathir Muhamad, “With the current challenging domestic and external economic environment, it is imperative for us to ensure investment policies are conducive, and investment relations are strengthened, in order to boost inclusive and sustainable growth and create jobs. The Honorary Council of Advisors is an optimal and strategic platform to expedite business and economic recovery”

With the above in mind, Siemens Malaysia President and CEO Adam Yee highlighted that “Siemens Malaysia is committed to supporting small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and companies to transform their business operation competitively in line with the advancement of technology. More manufacturing industries need to embrace Industry 4.0 and we hope to vigorously support the local SMEs in their digital adoption. Together with EUROCHAM Malaysia and the formation of the Honorary Council of Advisors, I believe we are able to help push forward this initiative for the benefit of the industry as well as the business community.”

EUROCHAM Malaysia is looking forward to the upcoming Honorary Council of Advisors meeting as it will introduce projects, programmes, and topics to address together through the platform of EUROCHAM, while utilising the expertise and knowledge of all advisors for the benefit of stronger EU-Malaysia relations.


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EUROCHAM Malaysia has been established since 1993 as the chamber of chambers by several European Union (EU) bilateral chambers of commerce. The chamber aims to be the united voice of the EU business community in Malaysia as well as to facilitate trade and investment between Europe and Malaysia. With our goal to bolster business alliances for a prosperous EU-Malaysia partnership, we take pride in our diverse membership based on the EU bilateral chambers of commerce, associated chambers as well as direct corporate members from Europe and Malaysia. With more than 1,600 companies in our wider network, EUROCHAM Malaysia offers one of the largest business platforms as the chamber of chambers and through our valuable bilateral chambers to explore the Malaysian market or to discover the diversity of European economies. EUROCHAM Malaysia brings businesses and communities together to create mutually beneficial opportunities in trade and investment.


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