Key highlights from The Prime Minister's Special Emergency Announcement

Key highlights from The Prime Minister's Special Emergency Announcement:

- The Emergency Ordinance is necessary to curb the spread of # COVID19

- Civilian government will continue to function.

- The proclamation of emergency declared not a form of military coup - curfew not implemented.

- The administrative machinery of the Federal and State governments will not be disturbed by the declaration of emergency proclamation.

- Ordinances may be related to the use of private hospitals, or human capital, use of the military, police - will be used to assist in public health, prevent economic sabotage - monopolies, price hikes, price controls etc

- Emergency Ordinance to enhance the enforcement of security and public order.

- Parliament, General Elections, State Elections and By-Elections will not be held during the emergency period.

- The GE will be held as soon as the Independent Committee certifies that # COVID19 has subsided or fully recovered.

- Judiciary system will continue to function. BNM SC and Bursa will continue to operate as well.

- The people are asked to remain calm, give confidence to the government COVID-19 more effectively - PM Muhyiddin Yassin

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