Congratulations to Adam Yee President and CEO, Siemens Malaysia on Outreach Program Enabling Underprivileged Students to Participate in Home-Base Learning

Congratulations to Adam Yee, President and CEO, Siemens Malaysia – as well as the team at Siemens Malaysia for its continued efforts with its outreach program to enable underprivileged students to participate in home-base learning. 

Siemens Malaysia has donated more than 100 used laptops, desktop units and monitors to the Computer Empowerment Program (CEP), an initiative by the Medical Awareness Camp Outreach (MACO) that equips underprivileged students in the B40 community with access to digital devices for their e-learning needs. 

We at EUROCHAM are profoundly moved by this initiative and encourage others to participate and donate, to help more students get equal access to education during these uncertain times. 

A job well done to Adam Yee and those involved in this outstanding initiative. 

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