EUROCHAM Malaysia - RegTalk With Futurise (EPR - The Foundation Of A Circular Economy)

Thank you to all who attended our first co-organised RegTalk on Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR): The Foundation of a Circular Economy with our corporate partner Futurise yesterday! It was truly a successful event and we look forward to collaborating and organising more events like these to further strengthen the emerging and ever-growing industries.

EUROCHAM Malaysia CEO, Mr. Sven Schneider gave his opening remarks to kickstart the event, also in attendance during the event was Futurise CEO, Mr. Rosihan Zain, CEO of Futurise.

Our esteemed panel of speakers includes:

- Ms. Phang Oy Cheng, Head of Sustainability Advisory, KPMG in Malaysia;

- Ms. Tahirah Mohamed, Manager, Circular Economy for Plastics, World Wide Fund for Nature Malaysia; and

- Mr. Michele Martin, General Manager, Lisap Asia Pacific Sdn Bhd.

We also thank our esteemed panel of speakers who joined together to provide their most valuable insights on how Europe has achieved thus far on the EPR front. As well as to shed a light on the current weakness, challenges of the EPR, and the opportunities that Malaysia can benefit from the potential adoption.

The panel discussion was moderated by Mr. Nadarashnaraj Sargunaraj from ZICO Law.

If you missed out on our co-organised RegTalk event with Futurise, don’t fret! Watch it back here on our FB Live – click here to view the FB Live:

See you at our next event!

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