Ericsson – 5G As a Driver for Malaysia’s Digital Transformation

A great start to the first quarter of the new year! EUROCHAM Malaysia collaborated with our corporate partner Ericsson on a session on 5G as a Driver for Malaysia’s Digital Transformation with our distinguished speakers, Mr David Hägerbro, President & CEO of Ericsson Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh and Mr Deep Prakash, Head of Enterprise Ericsson Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. In attendance to the event were EUROCHAM Malaysia Chairman, Mr Oliver Roche, EUROCHAM Malaysia Deputy Chairman, Mr Luciano Pezzotta and EUROCHAM Malaysia CEO, Mr Sven Schneider who were there to show gracious support to the transformational event.

The session commenced with an enlightening and uplighting opening speech by EUROCHAM Malaysia Chairman, Mr Oliver Roche. It was then followed by an insightful keynote speech and presentation by Mr David Hägerbro on building a world-class 5G network for Malaysia. As well as a presentation by Mr Deep Prakash on 5G potential for businesses.

To successfully conclude our session, we had an engaging and informative Q&A session where our members and guests were able to ask questions and learn more about the 5G rollout as well as the ever-growing innovative possibilities. In addition to connect and discover more about 5G and its transformation for the digital landscape that will bring tremendous value for business transformation.

We would like graciously thank our host, Ericsson for hosting such an enlightening and informative event. We thank all the esteemed members and guests who attended yesterday’s event together with our honourable guests His Excellency Dr Ivan Velimir Starcevic, Ambassador of the Republic of Croatia to Malaysia and our associates from the fellow embassies and bilateral chambers.

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