Intangible Assets & IP Finance & Valuation Business Forum

We had an incredible time at the Intangible Assets & IP Finance & Valuation Business Forum, a collaborative event co-organised by EUROCHAM Malaysia and Adastra IP!

Kicking off the event, Mr Mohan Kodivel, Managing Director of Adastra IP, delivered an insightful welcoming remark on the immense importance of intellectual property in today's business landscape. Following that, Mr Sven Schneider, EUROCHAM Malaysia CEO, delivered a gracious welcoming speech, highlighting the chamber's commitment to providing industry and business communities with valuable insights.

The forum provided an exceptional platform to discuss the latest trends and developments in leveraging intangible assets, such as Intellectual Property rights and assets, to secure debt and equity financing for business growth and expansion.

Topics covered included current trends and strategies available to businesses, exploring fundraising options with intellectual property assets like Trademarks and Brands, Technology and Patents, Copyrights, and more. Participants also learned about traditional financing and their applicability, as well as alternative financing options

One of the key highlights was discovering how to effectively leverage intellectual property assets for securing funding, unlocking the commercial and financial potential of businesses. The importance of IP valuation was also emphasized to truly understand the worth of these valuable assets. To enrich the discussions, we had an amazing panel discussion featuring distinguished speakers.

Overall, it was an enriching and informative event that shed light on the immense value of intangible assets and how they can be harnessed for business growth and success. Thank you to all participants and speakers for making this event a memorable one!

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