Extension of 'MYFutureJobs Recommendation' Implementation Period for Foreign Workers and Expatriates Applications to 1 January 2021

After several engagements with Ministry of Human Resources (MOHR) and SOCSO, we are very glad that MOHR is seriously considering our recommendations to establish a practical foreign employment policy. MOHR has just officially announced the extension of 'MYFutureJobs Recommendation' implementation period for Foreign Workers and Expatriates applications to 1 January 2021 in order to review the suggestions from respective cambers. In line with our position paper proposal, MOHR will discuss with relevant Ministries to establish the required conditions for automatic approval and ensure effective implementation mechanisms are in place. These conditions and guidelines will also be presented to the chambers and industry players for feedbacks prior to implementation.

At EUROHAM Malaysia, our members are our priority! We make your VOICE heard! Kudos also to all our bilateral chambers who have supported us throughout this journey!

For full details, please refer to:

OFFICIAL Malay version here 

UNOFFICIAL English translated version by EUROCHAM Malaysia here

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